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  • The UN-HS-89 Semi-automatic Hot melt Adhesive Sealing Machine is suitable for high productivity of gluing paper boxes that are for food products.
  • Automatic heating with temperature adjustment.
  • With the semi-automatic feeding conveyor, it is easier to operate, and lower the error rate made by workers.
  • With the help of feeding conveyor, productivity is improved by 55-60 boxes per minute.
  • The amount of the usage of glue is reduced by 2/3, because instead of brushing the glue, the machine glues the box with points.
  • The machine is equipped with wheels on the bottom, which is easy to relocate the machine according to customer’s need.

UN-HS-89 Hotmelt Carton Box Sealing Machine

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Total Weight

    About 150kg (packaging weight 215kg)

    Packaging weight


    Machine Size


    Packaging Size


    Quantity per minute

    55-60 pcs/min (stable speed 45-60/min)

    Power Supply

    220V 50Hz

    Working temperature (Glue)


    Compressed Air supply


    Glue tank capacity


    Range of Box Packing size (L*W*H)

    (100~280) x (50~200) x (30~100) mm

    Machine Color


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