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Welcome to UNTAMER Workshop. here we offer the shoe industries production line project and interior designs for various scales of apartment and houses, and all the other products created  by us 

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In 1998, Untamer was founded and started to provide our services in Asia region. As the promoter of the advanced shoe/leather good machinery,  customized designs for interior design, furitures and automation  has always been our company’s clear goals,

We have 3 factories in Mainland China and 2 design workshop in Taiwan and Dongguang, that is why we can always offer the best price for our clients and after-sales service.

Until 2018, we have helped our customers to complete their projects and workshops, such as Business hotels, Apartment for residents, and Domitories.

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You are always welcome to consult us about production line design or product/machine inquiry, our agent will assit you with online chat or email.


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